About us
Pinter Yuhua China Technologies Co.,Ltd was established officially in August of 2015, which is a joint venture of Rizhao Yuhua Machinery Co.,Ltd ,Pinter Caipo Group at Spain and Qingdao Fortex International Trade Co.,Ltd. Pinter Yuhua China is located at Rizhao City.Rizhao city is a new harbour city with its two main ports-Rizhao port and Lanshan port,which are two large scale ports.They contributed to the well established transportation system along with Tongsan freeway,Ridong free way and 204 national highway.All this makes Rizhao an ideal place to start a business or to develop an industry.
Pinter Yuhua China with the support of Yuhua’s workshop,such as moulding workshop,punching workshop,and surfacetreatment workshop, etc,allows large quantity order within short supply lead time;with the introduce of Pinter’s patented products of over thirty years as well as the lab incessantly develop new products and also the introduction of technical services, Pinter Yuhua China makes low cost European quality available in China.
Main products:Effispin, Roving stop,Mechanical Roving stop,Mosaic attachment ,Core spun devices ,Duocore and 3D core ,etc.
Pinter Yuhua China undertakes Yuhua’s value “honety for lifetime ,constant in millions”,and Pinter Caipo’s “Find your way, better together”.Pinter Caipo China can offer appropriate solutions for customers,and level up the added value of products,so as to help customers make profit..
With the help of Pinter Caipo’s technical support and Yuhua’s advanced machine to manufacture, Pinter Yuhua China have the ability to manufacture quality product,to erect and maintain perfectly.By all this , to offer customers a better experience, and win win together with customers!