• EffiMill


Welcome to the place where your spinning becomes efficient! Ring frames are becoming every day longer and longer, and the problem of each spinner is to get the maximum performance with the smallest cost from those expensive machines. Our solution is the full monitoring of each machine and each spinning position. With our sensors you are able to know what happened and what is happening on the machine, you can save maintenance cost, you can save operator cost, you can reduce the number of breaks, you can prevent any damage to the machine, and you can find the best configuration for your mill. Shortly: Get the best out of your factory.

  • EffiMill means efficient mill, and this idea can’t exclude a monitoring software able to give the information you need, when you need it.
  • In order to give a Top-Class product for mill monitoring, Pinterfani recently signed an agreement with Softex Srl; an Italian software company specialized in textile production monitoring for more than 30 years. Softex already follows more than 40 Italian companies, but also well positioned all over the world, monitoring not only the spinning department, but all the company. All the data collected and stored by Softex can be integrated in the customer’s ERP.
  • Thanks to our new partner Softex, we can propose a new software customized for our customers, that can monitor the full mill, and can be extended with many optional modules, in order to fit the various requirements of any customer.
  • The first step is the software LOGITEX PF, installed in a server computer and connected to our control units installed on the machines.
  • LOGITEX PF is a software package developed after more than 15 years of experience and requests of the best Italian textile companies.
  • All the options and additional modules will use the same database of LOGITEX PF, so, the full integration between LOGITEX PF and the other modules is always seamless.
  • From LOGITEX PF is possible to know the production, efficiency, doffing times, stop causes and duration of any stoppage, operator efficiency, etc.

In the Machine
Any kind of machine can be monitored: not only ring frames. Any department can be monitored. Our philosophy pretends to collect data from everywhere, in order to share the need for information horizontally, solving the complication of too high pyramids. The new touch screen device* allows the operator to understand and interact quickly with the system. On the ring frames, all our systems are linked with 4 tower lamps installed on the 4 corners of the ring frames: those tower lamps show with four** different colours the approximate number of breaks. In that way, operators will enter first in the alley where more yarns are broken; saving time, and reaching to the broken positions earlier.