• Sensorfil


  • Sensorfil is an individual electromagnetic sensor, that detects the movement of the traveller, detecting the speed of the traveller and the status of each yarn position.
  • The sensor also reads the RPM of the traveller, detecting the spindles that are losing twist.
  • The status of the spindles is continuously monitored, and abnormal status (broken / low twist /disabled spindles) are signalled by bright red L.E.D. near the spindle position.
  • A bright tower lamp with 4 different colour alarm, installed in each corner of the machine, alarms the operator showing the side of the machine that need urgent piecing.

Special Features

  • No parts in movement: Less maintenance.
  • Electromagnetic Sensor: a proved technology that gives good results with smaller costs.
  • Works with any dimension of metallic traveller
  • Linkable with most PinterFani products and options. (roving stop ; Eureka; LED display; etc)
  • No need for periodical maintenance
  • Available for 68.2; 70 ;75 ;82.5 and other ring frame gauges.


  • Dust doesn’t affect the performance of the sensors
  • L.E.D. Lights installed directly in PCB: ensure stronger system and easier maintenance, because each sensor only has two wires.
  • From control unit Tbox (included), it’s easy to modify the settings of the sensors and analyze the sensors.
  • The only way to ensure 100% spindles without low twist.
  • We only use high quality aluminium for sensorsfil’s casing. Rust never appears.
  • Very small dimensions and special design, helps operator to piece the yarn easier than before.
  • The tower lamps, combined with the individual sensor’s L.E.D, allow the operator to change completely the patrolling path, saving lost time and increasing operator’s performances. 


  • MSFX8: Sensorfil Microsensor X8:
    One bright red L.E.D. installed every 8 spindles, gives the approximate position of the yarn broken. The simpler solution, that makes what you need with no frills.
  • BCSF: Sensorfil Beacon:
    TWO bright L.E.D. installed for each spindle gives directly indication of the precise position where the problem is.
    Red LED: yarn broken
    Blue LED: yarn is losing twist.
    Blue LED blinking: sensor is deactivated

Thanks to the system, operator can control more ring frames staying outside the machines.
Then he go first in the alley where more yarns are broken, avoiding the alley without breaks and reducing the piecing time.