• Flauto


  • Flauto is a special flute designed to save the energy utilized for pneumafil’s suction. Also it combines a special roving stop, that avoids the roving waste when the yarn is broken.
  • While the yarn is good and running, the special flute stay closed; so, there is no air consumption in that position.
  • When the yarn breaks, the Flute opens its hole and the air suction works normally, so, the pneumafil’s suction is needed only in the position where the yarn is broken.
  • It is composed by three device: a clever-engineered flute, a positional sensor, and a special roving stop device.
  • In case of yarn break, a red LED switches on to signal the position where the break occurs.
  • A bright tower lamp, installed in each corner of the machine, alarms the operator showing the side of the machine that needs urgent piecing.

Special Features

  • Adaptable in any kind of ring frame with individual flute.
  • Always linked with Roving Stop, to ensure double savings: energy and roving.
  • One bright L.E.D. for each spinning position.


  • Easy detection of the broken yarns: the red L.E.D is visible from more than 30 meters, so, operator could run directly in the position where his work is required.
  • Combined with Roving Stop, it is possible to assign more spindles to each operator, or in­crease the spinning speed.
  • High Energy saving: considering normally less than 5% yarns are broken.
  • The tower lamps, combined with the individual sensor’s L.E.D, allow the operator to change completely the patrolling path, saving lost time and increasing operator’s performances.


FL: Flauto:
Standard version, with LED indicator of yarn break, and Roving stop motion included.