• Preparation Monitoring


  • Preparation monitoring consists of a small control unit installed on any kind of machine.
  • The control unit detects the status of the machine (work/stop), the speed and the production progress.
  • Each control unit can also detect automatically various automatic stop codes, just “reading” some signals, or free-voltage contacts from the machine.
  • The information collected is sent to our software, (always needed, and sold separately), from where it is possible to see all the data in many different visualizations.

Special Features

  • Linkable to same software connected to ring frames: only one software is necessary for all the machines.
  • Installable on any kind of preparation machine.
  • On the roving frame, upgradable with Xrover
  • Possible to detect many different automatic stop codes, and 100 manual stop codes settable from touch screen.
  • Operator identification request for interaction with the system.
  • Automatic detection running status of the machine and real production speed.
  • Installable also on ring frames, but detecting only work/stop status and approximate production.


  • The easiest and safer way to monitor the whole mill, without relying on the manipulated hand-made report
  • Password protected: three or more different user levels can access to different functions.
  • From control unit, it is easy to modify the parameters and analyse the system.


  • PRE-EASY: Preparation Easy: Each control unit is hidden, without display, and it reads status, automatic stoppage, and speed from 2 or more machines simultaneously. Interaction from user must be done from another PRE-MOST control unit (installed on a different machine). This version is upgradable to PRE-MOST at anytime.
  • PRE-MOST: Preparation Monitoring Standard: For any machine where display is needed. This version includes display, for interaction between operator and software.
  • PRE-MORF: Preparation monitoring Roving Frame: Control unit like PRE-MOST, but already predisposed for a future installation of Xrover sensor. For roving frames only.