• Roving stop


  • Roving Stop is an electromagnetic device that stops the feeding of the roving when the sensors detect a breakage of yarn or filament.
  • It’s an optional tool, and can be linked to any of our sensors: electromagnetic or optic.
  • Each device is connected to a special rail, where an electronic pcb continuously monitors the communication with the sensors, and when a new yarn (or filament) breaks, it activates the corresponding roving stop, preventing lapping and roving waste.
  • From control unit Tbox (included), it’s easy to modify the settings of the Roving stops.

Special Features

  • 8th generation roving stop: a device that looks simple improved already many times, to give the best performance and reliability.
  • Tested one by one in our mills before delivery.
  • Super easy maintenance: all the components could be open-disassembled-assembled with just a screwdriver.
  • Low cost maintenance: each single component of the roving stop could be purchased alone.


  • Stopping the roving when a breakage is detected, the roving stop prevents lappings, and new breaks in nearby spindles (when pneumafil suction is blocked), and waste of raw material.
  • With the security to prevent lappings and nearby breaks, it’s possible to reduce the number of operators, increase the machine speed, or find new ways to reduce cost and increase production, something that before was impossible.
  • The same roving stop is controlled by up to three different sensors: example: Sensorfil + Star_Lycra + Star_T400, reducing the cost of the investment per spindle.
  • Payback of the system is really short, especially in coarse counts; expensive materials, or fast delivery production speed.


RS: Roving stop:
Only one, adaptable to any brand of Ring frame.

Roving stop is an option for any of our sensors. There are no options for roving stop, but all the options related to the sensors installed are available.