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TV Screen (TVS) 
TV Screen (TVS) M-Power (MPWR) TV Screen is the tool that makes possible to send some basic information to a TV installed in the production area, in order to show to all operators the most important production data. The tool includes the hardware and software needed to show the graphic pages in the TV. It doesn’t include the TV itself, that can be purchased locally as long as it has HDMI + VGA input 

LED breakage screen (LED) 
LED breakage screen is a small LED panel, to be installed at one end or the other of the machine, to show:

  • The exact number of end-downs on each side.
  • The exact number of slipping spindles on each side.
  • Efficiency of the machine in the current shift
  • Efficiency of the spindles in the current shift

CUBE Display 
Cube Display is a small LED panel, to install at each corner of the ring frame.

  • It shows exact number of end-downs on each side
  • Differentially from LED display, it is visible from any angle, because it repeats showing data in three sides of the cube

M-Power (MPWR) 
M-Power is a power monitoring device to be installed in the electric cabinet of the machine.

  • It reads the power consumption and other energetic values, and sends them to EffiMill.
  • It requires a dedicated module in EffiMill software.